Maurício Fernando Fernandes  

                                            nascimento: 06/12/1969 CURITIBA,PR

                                                           nacionalidade: Brasileiro e Italiano (dupla cidadania)

                                                           estado civil: casado - Juscelei Ap de Oliveira

                                                           filhos: Ana Carolina Fernandes e Caio Diodi Fernandes.



                                                           R. RÚSTICO GOBATTO 342


                                                           FARROUPILHA/ RS

                                                           PHONE:      (054) 3268 5212



academical report

1987-90 Industrial Design in Federal University of  Paraná, Curitiba. Bachelor in Industrial Design. 

1995- Architetural imcompleted course in Unifersity of  Caxias do Sul - RS.


Other courses:

1991 Rendering Applied to the Design, Brazilian Laboratory of Industrial Drawing, Florianópolis.

1991 CAD - Computer Aided Design in Micro Computadores, Laboratory of Graphic Computation of CCET PUC PR.

1991 foundations of the  Engineer-laughed for the Design, Laboratory Brazilian Industrial de Design.                                       

1994 Management creativity, Camera of it Elaborates and Trade of Farroupi-lha.

1994 TAG (Times Auto-MANAGEMENT), Grendene, Farroupilha.

1995 creativity and Potential, Grendene, Farroupilha.

1995 design Management, Brazilian Laboratory of Industrial Design, Florianópolis.

2005 DMI (design management institute)– Design Innovation (London-UK)

2005 Mass Customization and Personalization (Hong Kong)  

2006 Innovation to Competition - Fiergs - Porto Alegre/Brasil        



Understand: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian.

Speech: Portuguese, Spanish and English


didatic activities 

1991 advisor of  Rendering Course, CADI of the Federal University of Paraná.


professional activities 

1984 - 1990 clerk and Apprentice of Key chain, Trippia and Fernandes Ltd.

1990 apprenticeship supervised in the Section of Design, Empresa Equitel S/A, Curitiba.  

1991 contracted Cash of the Section of development of Vehicles, Empresa Agrale S/A Caxias do Sul.

1992 - present time Department of  Research and Development at  Grendene S/A (shoe factory), Farroupilha-RS, exercising in that period designer activity, researcher, designer of concepts, design coordernador and research coordinator, tends real influence in the strategic planning of the company, mainly in the definition of products that revert in a good businesses.  

15 years in a footwear design; developing products and methods about research and definition of right products to do businesses.

2002 - development of a special project together with Pininfarina Studio (Turim/Italy)


events and contests 

1989 contest Luminária Pierri Rochmann, obtaining 2 place.

1990 1 biennial Brazilian of Design, participation in the official catalog.

1990 design of the New ones, presentation of the projects of graduation of the course of Industrial Design of the Federal University of the Paraná.

1990 prize Good Drawing 1990, citation of the Jury for the work: Body kit for motorcycle.

1991 paint Alexandre Barros' helmet (brazilian pilot in motorcycle world champinoship), obtaining 1 place.

1992 forum of the Design Gaúcho, participation in the debate on the future of the design.

1993 TYPE 93, International Seminar of Communication and Multimídia, Museum of the image and of the Sound, São Paulo. 1994 Action Sports, San Diego.

1994 super Show,  Atlanta.

1994 – 2006 Some events of design and shoes around de world (USA, Thailand, Singapure, France, Italy, Germany, Chine, Japão, Hawaii....)

2005 9th European Design Management Conference – London UK.




ATENÇÃO: os trabalhos contidos nesse portfolio muitas vezes foram resultados do trabalho em equipe, portanto a autoria é dividida com vários colegas que nos premiaram com seus conhecimentos e profissionalismo.